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stonersinlove's Journal

A Jon/Ryan Community
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Hello and welcome to stonersinlove. This is a community dedicated to Ryan Ross & Jon Walker from The Young Veins and their epic love for each other. Anything posted on here is for fun and fictional with no harm intended. We created this place so fans of the pairing could come together and post fics, graphics, news, pictures and much more. Have fun!


- This is a community for Jon/Ryan stuff (for the fanfics you may put some other pairings in it, but keep it mostly Jon/Ryan).
- Please post large pictures, graphics, videos and fics behind lj-cuts.
- No bashing of other members or girlfriends!
- If you're posting fic, you must follow the guidelines. Make sure to post at least the title, rating, pairing(s), a short summary and warnings if applicable.
- Fics don't have to be beta-ed, but it's strongly encouraged.
- Tag your entries. If you don't know how, just check the previous entries.


- failboatsinlove
- tyvicons
- boyfrands
- rarebandom
- jwalkaday
- lostincapetown

If you want to affiliate with us, please contact one of the mods.

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